Come along my little monsters, and gather around the is time for scary stories! Join Bell, as she shares why Halloween isn't that special to her, why she loves deep throating $0.50 corn dogs from Sonic, and lets all curl up on this SPOOKY MONDAY filled with (6) scary stories...Can you handle it?

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Better late than never, come play catch up with Bell on her mini vacation to South Padre Island, a girl comes up to her husband full tits on display, crying outside a Buccee's, and the why Women Empowering Women is TOXIC Bullsh*t. 

I said what I said.

Oh, & I spill on the Bachelorette, Supermarket Sweep and more!

Let be better ladies and lets get in formation. 



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CAUTION slippery when lubed up! Join B & J, as we share why lube is our best friend, why B's mother was detained by TSA, why you shouldn't wear any panties, sending nudes & we ask YOU, the listeners, a question this time!

Do you consider cuming inside a woman to be relationship sex?

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October 12, 2020

PSA: LoveYa’ll!

There is no new episode this week, BUT stay tuned for WEDNESDAY as we have a ton of fun me it will be a slippery one! 


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October 7, 2020

After Dark: Birthday Sex

Join your favorite duo, Bell & Jenna, as we celebrate J's BIRTHDAY! We talk getting dicked down on your birthday, are we calling the honorable hook-ups? Ex's? As always, we help one of our sexy listeners and answer their questions: To Snore or Not To Snore?

Also, Jenna got BJ feedback!?!?!? + a Will It Work Wednesday result!


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Hey guys, I wanted to throw in an EXTRA special treat! I was able to speak with one of the owners and creators for the new and very necessary blog Let's Talk Adult-ing, Kat Sias! 

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October 5, 2020

24: Under The Radar

Join Bell, as she pops off on a very unplanned pop culture topic, give you pro tips to keeping your social media accounts professional, why it is key to keep as private as possible, and who ate the booty like groceries?!?


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Welcome back lovely sex intrigued listeners! Bell & Jenna will reminisce on our first BJ, downstairs lawn care, and a few pro tips (wink wink). 

We also assist the Green Lantern on timely BJ's. 


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September 28, 2020

23: Divorce ParTEA

Here is the tea you all had been inboxing about! Join Bell as she spills the tea on her first marriage, how being divorced doesn't mean you are a failure, and why E! needs to give her a call! 

(Ryan Seacrest, I know you are out there!)


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Join Bell & Jenna, as we are FINALLY here to talk about sex. We discuss how we still aren't over Captain America's (cough) flag pole, songs that take us from office chic to hoe in 0.02 seconds, touching ourselves, why men's prostate get the kitty purring, and we take our first listener question.

Hint: It is about the big O & things that vibrate in the night 


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